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Aesculap Exacta



The Aesculap trimmer for the specialist areas such as paws and face, and for precision contouring.


• li-ion battery technology: up to 120 minutes shearing with just max. 90 minutes charging time

• fascinating design: the tapered, extra-non-slip shape fits the hand perfectly

• low-fatigue working: extremely lightweight (approx. 115 g), very quiet and very low vibration

• superior cutting performance with carbon steel cutting head:cutting length: approx. 0.5 mm, cutting width: approx. 24 mm

• for different fur lengths: comb attachment can be set to 4 cutting lengths of approx. 3 - 6 mm


12 months warranty.

£99.95 + VAT

****All Cheviot colours are currently out of stock - We have an alternative product Brown Bloom*****

This will improve the colour of Suffolk, Hampshire and other breeding sheep. Each 250ml bottle will be enough for 150 gallons of dip depending on the shade required. Can also be added to a solution of dip and sprayed directly on to the sheep. Leaves a digestive biscuit colour when used properly. This product must be added to a solution of dip to obtain proper results. 

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