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Longhorn XT 230 Volt Shearing Machine


  • New Longhorn Shearing machine, designed and manufactured in the UK. Mains powered and heavy duty.
  • Designed to excel in extremely tough conditions.
  • Runs at 2,850 rpm.
  • EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.
  • 50% more power than comparable machines.
  • Extremely durable steel machine casing.
  • Made in the UK.

This kit includes everything you need for full time shearing:

  • Longhorn® shearing machine.
  • Heavy duty flexi drive.
  • Horner SureGrip handpiece.
  • 3 Longhorn® combs and 6 Longhorn cutters.
  • Ferrule, Screwdriver and Longhorn® Shearing Oil.
  • Longhorn® Adapter Bracket.

£395.00 - 610.00 + VAT

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