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Nasco Digestion Analyser

Analysing digestion and adjusting the diet appropriately promotes good rumen efficiency and optimal rumen nutrient balance. The digestion analyser evaluates rapid by-product passage and cow performance by evaluating livestock manure. Possible causes of improper digestion include inadequate processing of grain, excess grain feeding rates, TMR sorting, poor rumen mat formation, and rumen acidosis. Complete unit includes 22-qt. plastic bucket (13'' diameter x 14'' height with handle and lid), three stainless steel screens (one each with hole sizes 3/16'', 3/32'', and 1/16'', 4-oz. black plastic ladle, 2-qt. plastic scoop, adjustable sprayer nozzle with cushion grip, and two pairs of latex-free disposable gloves.  

£265.00 + VAT