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Henderson Equine Castrating Equipment with DVD

The Henderson Equine Instrument and procedure has been used by veterinarians on tens of thousands of horses with excellent results. It has proven to be safe, easy, fast, and cost effective. Castration with the Henderson method results in little or no blood loss, less stress, swelling, infection and trauma.

The major difference between the Henderson Equine Castrating Instrument and the Henderson Castrating Tool for cattle is a wider opening in the plier jaws to accommodate the larger cords in stallions. Because of this, we recommend you use the Henderson Castrating Instrument on stallions only.

  • Used with a standard 14.4 volt variable speed hand drill with a neutral switch, preferably a cordless unit for convenience and safety.
  • Utilizes twisting action which effectively closes the severed cord.
  • Minimizes blood loss and risk of haemorrhage through the severed cord.
  • Reduces risk of post-castration swelling, infection and trauma.
  • Less chance for infection to enter the abdominal cavity.
  • Easy to use and faster than many other forms of castration.
  • The Henderson Equine Castration Instrument may be used on stallions one week of age or older. Castration is usually completed at one or two years of age.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for years of service.

£265.00 + VAT