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Sullivan's Handy Sprayer Aerosol Trigger


Great for the showman with smaller hands that struggles to grip and spray the can while grooming. Features the exclusive full length designed FullGrip™ Trigger that makes it eight times easier to spray. Better grip leverage for any hand size. Easily snaps onto can; easy off. The Handy Can Sprayer™ is made in the USA and designed with a hug grip that stays perfectly attached to the can. More gentle on the fingers and hands without giving up the control of the spray. Can be used on adhesives, touch-ups, Hocus Pocus, etc.

£7.75 + VAT

Make your choice of grooming products from all the major brands including the world leaders Sullivan's and Doc Brannen's and our own ShowTime brand made in the UK. We now have on offer more products than ever for cattle, sheep, horses & pigs in our 2017 catalogue...