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Liveryman Arena Plus

  • Cool all day operation from one of the best selling clippers in Europe. With a powerful motor and ergonomically designed narrow body they are superbly balanced
  • Aeration system for clipper head helps keep blades cool
  • Robust double gear train produces high cutting power with self lubricating gears for easy maintenance
  • Supplied in carrying case with A2 blades and bottle oil
  • 12 months warranty
  • This clipper takes the full range of Wolseley & Liscop blades
  • Wattage rating 200 Watts
  • Suitable for cattle/horses
  •  Weight 0.95kg

£320.00 + VAT

Make your choice of grooming products from all the major brands including the world leaders Sullivan's and Doc Brannen's and our own ShowTime brand made in the UK. We now have on offer more products than ever for cattle, sheep, horses & pigs in our 2017 catalogue...